Advanced system for predicting cyber-threats which allows you to protect your company


Key protection features we offer:

Based on real-time information gathering

Get constant access to reliable information on the level of security at your company. CyberStudio monitors your IT systems in search of potential threats without the need for engaging IT specialists.

Constant access to information gathered directly from IT systems
Information presented in a legible way which does not require further expert analysis

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CyberRisk Intelligence - Innovative AI-based analysis

CyberStudio provides an advanced analysis of events within your IT systems combined with innovative means for predicting the ways in which your security can be breached or bypassed. Thanks to the support of artificial intelligence you may react to threats before your organization has to bear the consequences.

Advanced application of artificial intelligence
Predicting potential threats through behavioral analysis of your IT systems

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Easy manageable technical risks identification

When you decide to work with CyberStudio you gain access to the features of many different enterprise solutions consolidated into a single, effective tool for managing IT systems security.

A fully functional tool for vulnerability scanning and analysis of IT service configurations
The management module allows for planning, monitoring and validating repair activities

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Thanks to CyberStudio your company will meet regulatory requirements but also limit any losses resulting from potential threats, such as financial risk or the impact on your company’s image and credibility.

Compliance with EU regulations regarding the protection of personal data
Availability of reliable information that allows reporting potential violations

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Do you want to effectively protect your company?

Almost every company was the target of a cyber-attack!